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Stressed Teens teaches mindfulness skills and provides tools for those in their pre-teen years through latter adolescence. Mindfulness involves paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment and can be cultivated through both formal and informal mindfulness practices. Stressed Teens takes a mind-body approach and focuses on the whole person. Teens often have difficulties with their social skills, emotions, confidence, procrastination, impulsivity and attention. Stressed Teens can improve a teen\u2019s functioning and quality of living socially, physically and psychologically.

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The successful completion of 1 and 2 listed above certifies the completing participant to facilitate the full Stressed Teens program as it is to their own clients, attendees, students, and external organizations. Certified Stressed Teen Facilitators are are not able to directly train or certify others without the expressed written permission of Stressed Teens. Successful completion of this certification training does not consider graduates as employees of Stressed teens and does not guarantee working as a facilitator for Stressed Teens.

Individual therapy with teens to improve self-worth and quality of life: Individual therapy with teens is similar to individual therapy with adults, offering a private space for your teenager to be able to identify the concerns that brought them into therapy. I will also work to include their caregivers/parents so that they can nurture their teen and begin to improve communication and relationships with the family. I find that caregiver/parent involvement in therapy leads to more effective solutions for lasting change.

This journal is a powerful tool to help you navigate the challenging conversations that arise during the emotionally charged teen years. You and your teen will ultimately form a stronger bond and develop skills that last a lifetime.

Make new friends. The only thing better than learning new things in a fun environment is doing it with your peers. TEEN DAY offers opportunities to connect with other teens and form life-long friendships.

I grew up in New York, but completed most of my advanced medical training in Seattle. After spending 13 years as a faculty member at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, I am delighted to be back in Seattle, where I live with my husband, teenage son and the little shelter dog we adopted. I always knew I wanted to work with youth. As an adolescent medicine specialist, I partner with adolescents and young adults, in collaboration with their families and primary care providers, as they learn to take charge of their own health and pursue their goals for the future.

Season 3 of East Los High, a popular television series that deals with the experiences of teens in a fictional inner city high school in East Los Angeles, California, just came out on Hulu. If you're anything like us, you've probably already binge-watched the entire season. This show is awesome for many reasons but it's especially awesome because the characters deal with real life issues that real teens face every day.

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