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Members of the current team and others have used ancient DNA in the past few years to learn about Neanderthals and the genes they passed to humans, identify ancestors of present-day Europeans, trace migrations into the Americas and probe the roots of Indo-European languages. Studying natural selection, however, remained out of reach because it required more ancient genomes than were available.

Natural Selection 2 Aimbot Download 1

Although the authors caution that sample size remains the biggest limitation of the study, comparing the ancient genomes to one another and to those of present-day people of European ancestry revealed 12 positions on the genome where natural selection related to the introduction of farming in northern latitudes appears to have happened.

The creators of the Pokémon franchise are clearly supporters of the punctuated equilibrium theory of evolution, which proposes that species can evolve very rapidly over short periods of time. All a Pokémon has to do in order to experience one of these adaptive bursts is find the right evolutionary stone. Needless to say, this method is a lot easier than waiting for natural selection to work out the kinks, and requires a lot less death to boot.


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