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A Few Good Men 1992.mp4

Perfect Open Top Fun. Basically a 570S with a retractable hardtop, the 570S Spider is awesome. Gone are the days where convertibles were compromised, McLaren it seems has figured out how to make them as good as their coupe siblings. The Spider has the same twin turbo V8 as the coupe as well as the same carbon fibre MonoCell II chassis. Probably the best all-rounder.

A Few Good Men 1992.mp4

The Start of Modern-Day McLaren. Cutting-edge carbon-fiber composite structure, trick suspension that is part luxury part race car. You could drive the 12C supercar every day. Launched with 592bhp and later upgraded to 616bhp. The 12C wasn't perfect but it showed that McLaren could build a very good supercar out of the gate. McLaren worked on a replacement and improvement very quickly which is why we saw the 650S by 2014 to replace the 12C.

Before McLaren says goodnight to the 600LT Coupe, the company decided to put out a special MSO version of it. McLaren London commissioned the car. The car features a carbon-fiber roof with a roof scoop, 10-spoke ultra-lightweight gloss black wheels, and orange brake calipers.

The roadster version of the SLR came in 2007. Especially for the Roadster, complex carbon-fibre technology has been intelligently further developed for the monocoque chassis. The roof opens and closes semi-automatically in less than ten seconds. Performance was on-par with the coupe version and it was good for over 200 mph.

A new version of the SLR was introduced in 2006, called the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren 722 Edition. The "722 Edition" got a upgraded good for 650 hp and 605 lb/ft of torque as well as more aggressive styling. A lower ride height, alloy wheels, modified suspension and stiffer dampers, to make better dynamically.

ALBERT VAN HELDEN (Utrecht University): What we have in Galileois a package then, of somebody who is mechanically and practically very good,somebody who is a great philosopher about nature and somebody who isambitious.

DAVA SOBEL:Yes, he loved to have a good time. He enjoyed his wine. Heenjoyed many forms of pleasure. But that didn't make him a bad Catholic,especially at a time when even the popes had illegitimate children.

ALBERT VAN HELDEN: Galileo realized that spectacle makers could not givehim the lenses that he needed in order to make this device more powerful. Theyjust weren't good enough and they weren't the right strength. And so, in orderto improve the instrument, he had to teach himself to grind lenses. And that isextremely difficult, and it certainly was in 1610.

GALILEO:I decided to stand openly, alone, on the theater of the world,to bear witness to the sober truth. I believe that good philosophers, likeeagles, fly alone, not in flocks like starlings. I wanted people to understandthat Nature not only gave them eyes to see her works, but brains to make themcapable of understanding them.

NARRATOR: The pious Cardinal Bellarmine had countenancedburning men alive, but he was ethereal and unworldly. Even the ruling familiesof Italy considered the Cardinal a bit too saintly. For Galileo, counting onthe influence of his Medici patrons, the Cardinal's incorruptible piety was notgood news. But Galileo never even had a chance to persuade Bellarmine. Threedays before his planned meeting with the Cardinal, the Holy Office of theInquisition met at the Collegio Romano to vote on the theories ofCopernicus.

Galileo was a good Catholic so he had no interest in fighting the Church. Whathe was about, from the very beginning of his public support of Copernicus, wasto bring the Church to an understanding of the theory and of the theory'scomplete lack of threat to the Church. If the Church struck a defensive postureabout something that looked like it had a very good chance of being true infact, the church would face embarrassment.

Furthermore, we compared the averaged ratings for matches and mismatches across action pairs against the neutral score on our seven-point scale. A Wilcoxon signed rank test indicated that the median of average match ratings was significantly higher than a neutral score of 4, W = 42638, p

Daryl Hannah swimming naked in some water in the rain forest, showing her butt first when she emerges and sits down against some large tree roots. There we get a good view of her breasts and a few flashes of bush as she has her eyes closed and is startled awake by a forest native. She and the guy then kiss before she runs off, showing her butt again before she disappears among the trees. From At Play in the Fields of the Lord. Updated to higher quality with the entire scene in one clip.

Much good can come from the prudent use of power. And much good can come of this: A world once divided into two armed camps now recognizes one sole and preeminent power, the United States of America. And they regard this with no dread. For the world trusts us with power, and the world is right. They trust us to be fair and restrained. They trust us to be on the side of decency. They trust us to do what's right.

And now to our troubles at home. They're not all economic; the primary problem is our economy. There are some good signs. Inflation, that thief, is down. And interest rates are down. But unemployment is too high, some industries are in trouble, and growth is not what it should be. Let me tell you right from the start and right from the heart, I know we're in hard times. But I know something else: This will not stand.

Further, for the untold number of hard-working, responsible American workers and business men and women who've been forced to go without needed bank loans, the banking credit crunch must end. I won't neglect my responsibility for sound regulations that serve the public good, but regulatory overkill must be stopped. And I've instructed our government regulators to stop it.

I'll tell you, those of you who say, "Oh, no, someone who's comfortable may benefit from that," you kind of remind me of the old definition of the Puritan who couldn't sleep at night, worrying that somehow, someone somewhere was out having a good time. [Laughter] The opponents of this measure and those who have authored various so-called soak-the-rich bills that are floating around this chamber should be reminded of something: When they aim at the big guy, they usually hit the little guy. And maybe it's time that stopped.

Let's be frank. Let's be frank. Let me level with you. I know and you know that my plan is unveiled in a political season. [Laughter] I know and you know that everything I propose will be viewed by some in merely partisan terms. But I ask you to know what is in my heart. And my aim is to increase our nation's good. I'm doing what I think is right, and I am proposing what I know will help.

I pride myself that I'm a prudent man, and I believe that patience is a virtue. But I understand that politics is, for some, a game and that sometimes the game is to stop all progress and then decry the lack of improvement. [Laughter] But let me tell you: Far more important than my political future and far more important than yours is the well-being of our country. Members of this chamber are practical people, and I know you won't resent some practical advice. When people put their party's fortunes, whatever the party, whatever side of this aisle, before the public good, they court defeat not only for their country but for themselves. And they will certainly deserve it.

I submit my plan tomorrow, and I'm asking you to pass it by March 20. And I ask the American people to let you know they want this action by March 20. From the day after that, if it must be, the battle is joined. And you know, when principle is at stake I relish a good, fair fight.

First, trade: We will work to break down the walls that stop world trade. We will work to open markets everywhere. And in our major trade negotiations, I will continue pushing to eliminate tariffs and subsidies that damage America's farmers and workers. And we'll get more good American jobs within our own hemisphere through the North American free trade agreement and through the Enterprise for the Americas Initiative.

There's one thing we can do right away: Ease the burden of rearing a child. I ask you tonight to raise the personal exemption by $500 per child for every family. For a family with four kids, that's an increase of $2,000. This is a good start in the right direction, and it's what we can afford.

And I'm asking for more. Ask American parents what they dislike about how things are going in our country, and chances are good that pretty soon they'll get to welfare. Americans are the most generous people on Earth. But we have to go back to the insight of Franklin Roosevelt who, when he spoke of what became the welfare program, warned that it must not become "a narcotic" and a "subtle destroyer" of the spirit. Welfare was never meant to be a lifestyle. It was never meant to be a habit. It was never supposed to be passed from generation to generation like a legacy. It's time to replace the assumptions of the welfare state and help reform the welfare system.

Moods come and go, but greatness endures. Ours does. And maybe for a moment it's good to remember what, in the dailiness of our lives, we forget: We are still and ever the freest nation on Earth, the kindest nation on Earth, the strongest nation on Earth. And we have always risen to the occasion. And we are going to lift this nation out of hard times inch by inch and day by day, and those who would stop us had better step aside. Because I look at hard times, and I make this vow: This will not stand. 041b061a72


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