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Buy Business In Sacramento !NEW!

Sacramento Area High-End Eyewear Business.This business is a high-end dispensing optical eyewear retailer carrying top-of-the-line designer frames and lenses and catering to an affluent customer base... More details

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Window Cleaning is a unique business opportunity offering a tested and proven franchising program backed by many years of experience. They are a customer service business that specializes in... More details

This flooring franchise has excelled as a family owned and operated, one-of-a-kind, versatile flooring business. This franchise has taken the standard idea of a flooring business and reinvented it to... More details

This is a fantastic business in a breakout industry. This is a well-known, high margin, proven recession resistant B2B and B2C company. The sale price includes vehicles and an extensive equipment... More details

Have FUN and Make Money. Gym ownership can provide a great quality of life business with Happy Customer, Happy Employees and Attractive Cash-on-Cash Returns.PLUS, get $5,000 in FREE Equipment*Why... More details

Matco Tools Franchise Territory - B2B - Large, Well-known Company.High Revenue, Territory in Sacramento Area. Truck Included.Great business for Owner Operator looking for good, steady income... More details

Prequalified at full asking price by a preferred lender! Sales projections of $2.5 Million! Servicing the Greater Sacramento area of California, this business specializes in custom kitchen and bath... More details

Visit Online Business License for more information and register as a user. The type of business license you need depends on what you will be doing and where you will be doing it. The application is for three types of Sacramento County Business License:

The Business License Unit encourages you to contact Planning and Environmental Review via email at to determine if the business activities at the proposed business site are allowed in that zone before submitting an application and paying the fee.

Looking to buy a business? Here are some tips and tricks for you from one of the top business brokers in Sacramento, California. No matter what kind of business you are buying, from an HVAC business to a medical practice, Rogerson Business services can help you through every step of the process. Buying a business can be a time consuming and tricky process and you need the right team to make sure you are getting the best deal on the business that is right for you. A business broker is the team coordinator you need. Contact us today to see how we can help you, and let us know any topics you would like us to cover.

There are many laws that apply to owning and operating a business. There are Federal laws including the requirements of the Internal Revenue Service. There are State laws including the different legal entities you can choose and the selling, sales and use taxes and distribution of alcohol.

How much should I pay for a business I want to buy? The starting point for a business owner that wants to sell their business should be a business valuation. The same reasons and more apply to some one that wants to buy a business.

Have you thought about buying a business in the marketing and advertising industry? There are over 37,000 companies in the US alone servicing this sector, with a combined annual revenue of about $94 billion. The industry is highly competitive, has an ever-changing technology and regulatory landscape, and relies heavily on creativity and the fostering of client relationships. There are, however, many opportunities with current evolving trends and niche marketing.

Business plans and the Holiday season. The retail and online stores are now in full swing with their TV advertisements for the Christmas Holiday season to try and finish 2013 on a successful business note.

Surprisingly, in spite of the recession in the US, starting up a company is still proving to be big business. Recent figures in confirm that last year, a staggering 12% of US adults started up their own business; either from scratch, or by buying an existing business or franchise; a significant and dramatic rise from the percentages of previous years.

The bulk sale process applies when a business is being sold and the assets move from the owner or seller to a new owner or buyer. In California, the sale of a business from one party to another is considered a personal property transfer or transaction.

There is no question that finding a source of finance to buy a business right now is incredibly tough. Be it good or bad, the market for finance for business acquisitions centers around loans done through the Small Business Administration or SBA loan programs.

The process of buying or selling a business has many steps. These can include negotiating with the landlord, arranging third party finance, the buyer conducting due diligence to verify the representations of the seller, the buyer taking over the franchise agreement, the buyer using their 401k money as a downpayment to make the purchase of the business and many more.

A Covenant Not To Compete is useful when a seller has found a buyer for their current business. This ensures that the new buyer does not open the same type of business as the seller for risk that existing customers will want to do business with the seller and not the new buyer. There are many factors involved to evaluate a Covenant Not To Compete and they are outlined in this article.

For many small business owners, the single most important document for their business is the lease. Unfortunately a lease is generally a long and fairly complicated document. Because of its complexity, many small business owners either accept what they receive or do the bare minimum. Here are some suggestions for you, in no particular order.

The process to sell a business is not a quick and easy matter. At the moment it is taking about 8 months to sell a business, if it sells. This means the business sits on the market for about 6 months before finally getting an offer from a buyer. Once the negotiations finish, due diligence commences and closes and escrow opens and closes we arrive at the 8 month period. And this applies if the business sells.

A business should be a constant ball of energy moving in different directions as the economy changes, new tools and innovations come to the market, the stress and strain from competitors and the ever changing demands of customers.

Buying or selling a business is a major step for all entrepreneurs. It comes with obvious financial risk which everyone understands and prevents many would-be-entrepreneurs from starting their journey. However, an element not many understand is that the business ownership comes with

Is business ownership right for you? The reality of the current downturn in the economy is that many companies will need to restructure to create the private sector jobs President Obama is talking about.

Due diligence is a critical window of time in the process of buying and selling a business as the buyer gets the opportunity to bring their experts and prove all the claims made by the seller during the negotiations.

The electronic gift card, launched by the City in December 2021, is a program that supports local storefront retailers negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Shop 916 gift card can be used at any participating business within the city.

All local storefront retailers located in the city can participate. The program is open to all businesses within the city of Sacramento that have 500 or fewer full-time equivalent employees, with the exception of home-based businesses, franchises, liquor-only stores and cannabis businesses. Businesses can sign up to participate at

The Atrium is a collaborative community of creatives and entrepreneurs centered on the idea of doing business for good. With impactful art, projects and events, the Atrium is a hub where creatives come to be inspired, collaborate and innovate towards an omni-considerate future.

If you own, operate or conduct business within the Central City, there are a variety of parking options available, many offering a deep discount over the daily parking rate. The City of Sacramento also specializes in finding creative parking options for businesses in need of finding alternative employee parking locations or management of any parking facility the business may currently own.

Businesses located within a Residential Permit Parking (RPP) zone with company vehicles registered to the business address may qualify for a Vehicle Permit to park registered company vehicles. This permit allows company vehicles to park at or near the permit address, but no more than three blocks away. There is no limit to the number of company vehicles that may receive a Vehicle Permit, so long as each vehicle is applied for separately. Permits are free of charge and expiration dates are reflected on the permit. The permit is a sticker type that must be adhered to the rear bumper of the vehicle.

Businesses that provide services required for the safety, health and well-being of any persons affected by the problem may qualify for Emergency Permits to allow parking in an alley for the entire duration of time needed to perform work. Typically, businesses providing services such as heating/air conditioning repair, computer, elevator, fire extinguisher, fire alarm service, plumbing and electrical utilize these permits.

If your business wishes to provide a valet service to guests, please review the Valet Permit rules and regulations, including all permits and fees required to operate a valet service within the Central City.

Most discount programs also offer businesses the option to sign employees up under "Company Accounts" to cover the employee parking costs and/or to manage its employee parking program through its own payroll deduction program. For more information on Company Accounts or options to accommodate employee parking, please email: and use the subject line: Parking Options for Business Employees. 041b061a72


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